Interesting Books


Some of the books from this summer:

Nothing like seminary courses to help light a fire under your reading…

All these books can be purchased on amazon using the kindle app.

The Gratitude Diaries, a secular book that surveys the data on gratitude and how it positively changes relationships, outlook, and really everything in life.

Wisdom Distilled From the Daily was written in the 90s. It is a practical discussion on the Rule of St. Benedict which dates back to 6th century Italy and yet is surprisingly practical for today. This book is worth a second read.

Suffering and the Heart of God covers sensitive topics that are relevant to our hurting world and multiple themes that are present in our lives.

From the book: “Change is not just in the wings for the person who is suffering; it is there for you as well. Somebody in crisis walks into your life with an untold story. This person and their story will impact you. You cannot let yourself into another’s life without being impacted. You cannot be present to abuse, violence, trafficking, deceit, addiction, brokenness, terminal illness, and darkness without being affected.”  -Langberg, Diane (2015-09-14). Suffering and the Heart of God: How Trauma Destroys and Christ Restores (Kindle Locations 1660-1663). New Growth Press. Kindle Edition.

The Soul of Shame taught me that the purpose of shame is disintegration and disconnection both with oneself and in relationship with God and others. Wish I had read this earlier in life. For anyone raising children, I would suggest reading this as soon as possible. Looking forward to reading the author’s other book The Anatomy of the Soul later this year.

How to Hug a Porcupine, maybe the title says it all? Great sense of humor and quite a few practical tips about loving the prickly one near you.

24/6, a book about Sabbath observance written by an Emergency Medicine doctor which is consistent with all that God has been teaching me in recent months. You will be challenged and encouraged to rethink Sabbath.

Crucial Conversations contains helpful strategies to work through critical discussions when the outcome really matters. The authors explain what can go wrong in dialogue and how to work through different roadblocks. Such a great deal of our lives is directed by the outcome of these conversations!

Trauma and Resilience, Effectively Supporting Those Who Serve God is full of incredible information. I wish I had read this earlier. Had the pleasure of learning from one of the authors this summer. You will be glad you read Chapter 1 on the theology of suffering.

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David & Goliath, fascinating stories about long held beliefs about advantages and “desirable disadvantages” that are actually not supported by data.  Most thought provoking to me is the concept of the Inverted-U Curve.  Available on Amazon.

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Love, Kristen, the tragic and touching story of a young 23 year old who died of cervical cancer in Indiana.  I had the chance to meet her uncle at WGM in January and shared about this in my first blog entry.  Available on Amazon.

The Dave Test

The Dave Test, recommended by a colleague and friend whose spouse died of metastatic cancer after a 3 year journey. The author asks 10 “test questions” that can help prepare us to walk with a loved one through a crisis.  Available on Amazon.

Just show up

Just Show Up, published posthumously October 2015 by Kara and her friend Jill, has been very helpful in relating to those around me during loss.  Available on Amazon.


A Missional Life, published by CMDA, is a brief but thoughtful guide to thinking about medical missions as a career and is filled with questions to ask and useful references.