Interesting Books


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David & Goliath, fascinating stories about long held beliefs about advantages and “desirable disadvantages” that are actually not supported by data.  Most though provoking to me is the concept of the Inverted-U Curve.  Available on Amazon.

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Love, Kristen, the tragic and touching story of a young 23 year old who died of cervical cancer in Indiana.  I had the chance to meet her uncle at WGM in January and shared about this in my first blog entry.  Available on Amazon.

The Dave Test

The Dave Test, recommended by a colleague and friend whose spouse has metastatic cancer asks 10 “test questions” that can help prepare us to walk with a loved one through a crisis.  Available on Amazon.

Just show up

Just Show Up, published posthumously October 2015 by Kara and her friend Jill, has been very helpful in relating to those around me.  Available on Amazon.


A Missional Life, published by CMDA, is a brief but thoughtful guide to thinking about medical missions as a career and is filled with questions to ask and useful references.