A Journey of a Thousand Steps

Today is a landmark day where I took a first step on a new journey.  After months of telling people that I was going to quit my job because God was calling me to serve at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Kenya and that they could read about the journey on my blog, here we are finally getting started.  My last day of work at the West Michigan Cancer Center was September 30, 2015.  Lots of transitions have taken place since that time and I am grateful that God has provided me with temporary part-time employment while I am still here in Michigan.

Because of God’s faithfulness, we get to be a part of things we never thought possible.  Serving the Lord in Kenya as a medical missionary was one of those impossible things.  Thank you for taking this long journey with me, your encouragement and prayers are a blessing in my life.  You have helped me to see that with God all things are possible.

This week God also introduced me to a new connection during my week of training at World Gospel Mission (in the future, I will refer to the organization as WGM).  Each of the new missionaries shared briefly with the WGM staff and I spoke about the need for Christ centered care for women with cervical cancer and others at the end of life in East Africa.

A staff member introduced himself and then shared later with me about his niece who died at age 23 from cervical cancer.  His sister and brother-in-law started a foundation to help Educate & Screen, Vaccinate & Eradicate!  http://kristeneve.org

Kristen’s story is also told in a book entitled Love, Kristen and part of her story is told in a documentary film about 5 women with cervical cancer entitled, “Someone you love” about the HPV epidemic, http://www.hpvepidemic.com

someone you love

I am grateful for how God made this connection as only He can; what an affirmation of how much He cares for the needs of women in Kenya and around the world.





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